Property Dealers in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad

Property Dealers in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad. To make the procedure of purchasing and selling properties an easy job, real estate agents are the one to contact. The job of these real estate agents is to make the complete process of buying and selling properties less complicated for both the parties involved. Property Dealers in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad deals in different houses for sale, residential apartments, property to rent and commercial properties. The agents know the whole system of the real estate market and can easily simplify the entire process of property dealing for the respective clients i.e. the seller and the buyer. Negotiating between both parties can help them to get what they expect. They offer a bundle of services and let the buying party inspect the property as well so as to make it a fair deal for them. Similarly, they also help the seller get the most befitting market price of their properties. From the above page, you can obtain the contact details of the real estate agents of your locality.

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It is popular saying in the property market ‘Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait’. Real estate is not only limited to buying a concrete asset instead it is a great investment.

The property market in India keeps on changing and is unstable. The market includes builders, developers, real estate brokers or property Dealerss, real estate agents and companies, which are available both online and offline. Each one of them has an important role to play. The real estate market is regulated by the government authorities who resolve the matters related to real estate prices, taxes, rules, and regulations.

Some people see property matters as a difficult and inexplicable task. But the whole process can be made simpler by creating a proper plan with clear forethought, research, and planning. You can use the expertise of Real Estate agents in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad to clear all the doubts regarding property matters. There should be no scope remaining for uncertainty when you are putting all your hard earned money in buying a real estate property.

You can use the guide given below to keep a checklist of important aspects to be considered while doing a real estate property deal. Lets understand the role of real estate agents in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad for getting the dream-deal for property purchase

How can Real Estate agents in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad help you while buying real estate properties?

Have you made a final decision on what type of property you are looking for? Have you decided that if you want to buy a villa or a fully-furnished apartment in a society? You can come down to a final decision after consulting with some of the best estate agents of your society.

1. how Under-construction property differs from ready-to-move-in property

Both these properties have their own advantages and limitations. An under-construction 1 BHK property is sufficient to fulfill the dream of owning a home of your dream under your budget while the time of getting actual possession always remains uncertain. With under-construction properties, there is always an attached risk of delayed possession. Ready-to-move-in properties are the ones that are finished products and immediately available to start living. These properties can be both furnished and unfurnished. The drawback involved in this type of properties is that the higher cost is involved while investing in such a property. Also, the Property Dealers in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad recommends you to check the age of the property.

2. Difference between For investment and for end-use property

There is a huge difference in the property bought for investment purpose or one which you are looking to move in with your family. For both cases, you should obtain the best guidance from the Property Dealers in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad.

Certain types of Property: The Real Estate agents in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad are aware of the fact that people generally look for such properties which are able to meet the family requirements while making a purchase decision. So they will mostly select an apartment with multiple bedrooms and not a single bedroom one. Real Estate agents in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad are also aware that the buyer will invest in such a property for which there is more demand in the market.

Locality and Infrastructure: People always prefer a convenient location which has all the transport options, healthcare, and education facilities and closeness to an economic or commercial hub. For this purpose, you can take the help of Property Dealers in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad. While buying you can also inspect the neighborhood of the property which you are going to buy suits your style or not. Real Estate Agents in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad keep this in mind that people always prefer a good road network that provides the ease of connectivity to airports, metro, railway stations as well as bus stops.

Construction Status: For investors, it is beneficial to put their money in the pre-launch or launch stage to get quick returns. While for the end users it is better to invest in a ready-to-move-in property to get quick possession as per the advice of Property Dealers in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad.

3. Which is one to choose from Fresh Unit vs. Resale

A fresh unit is one which is bought from the developer whereas a resale unit is a pre-owned or pre-lived home purchased from an owner. The pros and cons of both the units have been explained by Real estate agents in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad.

Pros and Cons of investing in a fresh unit

A fresh unit allows customization and to make changes to your home as they are usually unfurnished flats. You can also take benefit of various payments plan such as construction linked plan. Since 2017, it has become compulsory to register the fresh bookings under RERA, so as to introduce transparency of information and transactions. On the contrary side, there is a risk of delayed possession attached with a fresh unit and will also attract GST. On buying a fresh unit, you will also need to pay the percentage of brokerage to the real estate broker.

Pros and Cons of investing in a resale unit

These types of properties are recommended by brokers and property Dealerss as they are immediately available and are ready for instant possession. Also, owners of a resale unit are ready for negotiations and certain investors will cut down the prices to immediately sell the property and exit the market as explained by Real Estate agents in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad.

On the other hand, buying of the resale unit requires a down payment immediately. Also, certain developers charge a transfer fee to give away the ownership of a property from the buyer to another buyer. The price of the under-construction flat also affects the brokerage fee you have to pay to your real estate broker.

4. How Freehold property varies from Leasehold property

Terms like ‘Freehold’ or ‘Leasehold’ property are used very often in the property related matters and might confuse you. Real Estate agents in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad can explain you in a better way that which if these terms are related to ownership or control.

As per Property Dealers in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad, if you will buy a freehold property, you will own the house as well as the land upon which it has been built and that too for a lifetime. You can live there for as long as you want can also make changes with due permissions. Hence furnished or unfurnished, apartments or flats cannot be freehold. A leasehold property is of one where you can live for a fixed period of time. After the given period in the lease gets expired, the ownership is transferred back to the landowner. While buying a leasehold property, you should ask about the tenure of the lease as it might influence the property’s value, stated by Real Estate agents in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad.

Get yourself the best property with the help of property Dealers in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad

While selecting an ideal commercial property for your business or investment, you are required to determine various factors such as location, local job market, current and future initiatives with regard to the area’s infrastructure and migration patterns by taking appropriate guidance from Real Estate agents in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad. The important thing is to consult a good estate agent while considering the following factors:


Location is the most important factor while buying a commercial property as said by most of the property Dealerss. It determines the success of your business if it is feasible to the customers. You can take the help of Real Estate agents in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad to look for a property in a prime locality where there are convenient means of transportation available. Commercial property in a well-connected area can increase business visibility and reputation.


It is important to plan a proper budget before purchasing a property. The property Dealers in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad will be able to narrow down a proper property choice as per the budget of the customer.

Social Infrastructure

You need to check if the property has malls, lifestyle centers, and restaurants in the nearby vicinity so as to cater to customer interests. Any specialized Real Estate agents in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad can help you check the essential facilities like electrical connectivity, round-the-clock water supply, proper drainage system, or lifts available in the place. You also need to verify that if there are generators or power backup systems in regions where there is a shortage of electricity.

Other Costs

You should also take into account the additional costs associated with a property while making a purchase such as maintenance costs, building insurance costs and other infrastructure costs.

Market Value

Don’t forget to check the market rate in the location where you are going to purchase a property. Also, if you are going to lend it further, check what rent you are going to get in that area with the help of property Dealers in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad.


Some commercial properties might put restrictions on the extent of modifications to the interior or exterior of the properties. You need to go through the details provided about the same and verify what is allowed.


Make sure to check if the property is free from all the litigation matters. In case you buy a property with pending litigation, you might get stuck in a risky situation and may also need to give up the deal. This is when you should take advice from a real estate agent.

Legal Use

You should also be aware of under which legal field, the property can be put to use. For example, an IT company will use it as an office space whereas a manufacturer might use it as a warehouse or for another commercial purpose.

Physical Condition

It is better to know the physical condition of the property as it will let you know about the wear and tear occurred at that space and if the property requires any repairs or not. It will also help you determine the resale value and the expected amount of monthly rental.

How can Property Dealers in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad help you in renting residential properties?

Before finalizing a deal you should keep few things in mind as it is not easy to get a furnished apartment or an unfurnished flat on rent.

Monthly Rent Amount

You should always try to research the current rent in the local market and should not only rely upon the services of the agents. This will give you an idea about the prevailing monthly rental rates in that area. Also, the brokerage amount is normally equal to one month’s rent. In case it is a fully furnished apartment, your landlord can also ask for a higher monthly rental amount. You should always give importance to your priorities i.e. distance to your office, availability of facilities or furnished flats.


You must also validate the documents and make sure that the person who is giving the property on rent is the valid owner. You can check the identity proofs of the landlord such as Aadhaar card or PAN card.

Security Deposit

You will also be asked for a security deposit as a tenant which is usually refundable between one to six months’ rent.

Rent Agreement

It is a legal document that connects the landlord and tenant to adhere to certain conditions and is drafted in the mutual agreement which can be provided by the Real Estate Agents in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad. It can also be drafted after consulting a lawyer. There are different types of rental agreements which can only be clearly explained by a professional from that field. Also, the agreement must clearly mention the monthly rental amount, but mentioning the brokerage amount is not necessary. It can be a tenancy agreement or a leave and license agreement. If the building you are going to take on rent is due for redevelopment, it must be mentioned in the agreement.


Normally the rental tenure is 11 months and the leave and license agreements can go up to 3 years. Some agreements also have a lock-in period clause where a tenant cannot leave the property or terminate the agreement before the period gets over. You can also get help from the Real Estate Agents in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad for this purpose.

Police Verification

This has to be done for both the parties involved i.e. tenants and landlords. In this, the police verify the documents and the identities of both the parties.

How can Real Estate Agents in Gyan Khand 2 Ghaziabad help you in renting commercial properties?

Following points must be considered while taking commercial properties on rent:


A commercial property invites property taxes, maintenance charges, and TDS. The landlord has to pay the property taxes, whereas the GST and TDS on the rent and building maintenance charges have to be paid by the tenant.


The tenure for the leave and license term can be 9 years with renewal options after the first term. Also, the tenure varies from state to state.

Registering the Lease

It is very important to register the lease with the concerned authority by paying the stamp duty and registration cost. You can bear the cost in full or share it.